4 New Methods of Penis Enlargement

Male enhancement exercises like Kegels and jelqing have been used since thousands of years ago. Although quite a lot of men still advocate this natural way of making their penises grow, a lot of them are also exploring other options.

The 21st century is known for the many cultural and technological advances in the world. This does not exclude the seemingly mundane yet very crucial issue of a man’s cock size.

The size of the penis has a lot to do with a man’s self-esteem and satisfaction. More often than not, a small cock is tantamount to a timid guy who barely attracts any crowd, much less, women. It is also quite likely that he has failed relationships with them due to sexual dissatisfaction. Harsh as it may sound, there is just no denying the larger penises have a bigger say in this world.

Recently, the birth of new penis enlargement methods has created commotion in the market both to women and men alike. After all, they are both beneficiaries of larger cocks that perform better. Although it is true that it’s not all about size, a bigger penis is still a better penis in most cases.

Due to this, guys just continue to dive into trends that claim to be capable of making them grow bigger. Some men resort to surgery not minding the expense, while some willingly take pills to play a little safer. Those who want to take the absolutely safe way just content themselves with exercise books and videos.

There are other ways that are said to aid in male enhancement. A number of devices are sold in the market readily available to those who are willing to give them a try.

1. Patches

Patches are no longer for muscle pain and fever alone. They are also used for penis enlargement! These self-adhesive patches are said to be very absorbent and work transdermally. They have a penis growth formulation that assimilates into the body through the skin. They are patched in the discreet, hairless parts of the body like the chest or the butt. They are changed every three days. Makers of these patches claim they take effect right on the very first week they are used.

2. Creams

Male enhancement creams have been popping up lately. They claim to be capable of enlarging the penis with regular use. Although medical evidence shows that creams can increase blood flow including in the genital area which may help in erection, no ointments have been discovered yet to help in actual penis enlargement.

3. Stem Cell

Stem cells are the most incredible cell type in nature. Here’s why…

They can become any type of cell. A heart cell, a brain cell, or — you guessed it — a pen1s cell! Get more cells in your shaft and it *will* grow!

And today you’re going to see proof!

Have you struggled to grow ‘down there’?!

Stem cells are the answer. When your body doesn’t have enough of them — and stem cells decline with age — then you have no chance in hell of getting bigger. Get more stem cells into and follow a specific formula and growth isn’t a possibility, it’s virtually a certainty.

On the next page, you’ll see all the fluff science and take a revolutionary quiz to see how big stem cells can make YOU, based on your size, age, and race.

This quiz is something I’ve never seen before.

Take it now to see YOUR growth potential!

4. Stretchers

A stretcher is a device you may put your penis into for a stretch. It is said to aid penile growth both by lengthening and thickening it. Due to a continuous force of traction, the cells in the penis are subjected to multiply therefore resulting in a longer and bigger sex organ. Unlike other methods, using a stretcher claims to give a long-lasting effect on the user because of the tissue growth inside the penis itself.

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